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Marriage certificates issued in Thailand are recognized as such by the authorities of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Australia, the USA, Canada and likely many other countries. Although, one shouldn't enter into that bureaucratic procedure lightly.

For the sake of tranquility, you will be better off contacting the experts at , who specialize in the preparations of all relevant provisions, including translation and certification of all required documents.

peaking of Thai marriage, there are two separate matrimonies (types of wedding) taken place in Thailand.

One is reckoned as a Buddhist religious ceremony of traditional Thai wedding with several unique rituals observed step-by-step.

A group of fossil specimens—collectively known as “Peking Man”—were discovered in Zhoukoudian cave near Beijing.

These specimens of Homo erectus (a relative of Homo sapiens) lived between 780,000 and 300,000 years ago and could make fire and used primitive stone tools.

Marriage is not for the individual but rather for the desire of the family.

Five judges found it unconstitutional and two asked for amendment by the legislative branch, whereas another two opposed the outcome of this decision.

Marriage in Roman times began as a sacred institution. Patricians married only patricians, and they were married in the stately form of marriage called confarreatio (the only legal form of marriage at the time).

The patrician took his bride from her father's family into his own, with the direct consent of the gods (revealed by the auspices), in the presence of representatives of his gens.

There were probably other forms and ceremonies of which we know nothing.

Paticians did not recognize plebian marriages because plebians were not citizens. A wife could remain a member of her father's family and hold whatever property her father allowed her by staying away from her husband for three nights in succession each year.

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We’re using the word “things” here because this law encompasses thoughts, feelings, people, objects and everything else in our universe. Believing it’s true or untrue doesn’t change anything. However, if you believe it and get in tune with it, you can start predicting and expecting what happens to you, for you.

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